miércoles, 6 de marzo de 2013

exciting expirience

One day before every one in the school came back from vacations, Benjamin Martinez and I decited to make a trip after a week of beeing postponing it. I thought well if am not gonna go tomorrow to school i what that benji have a good story to tell about in his first day of classes. the trip consisted in going from our houses in Merliot to the port of  La Libertad that was 28 km of distance from San Salvador only using our bicycles and our muscles. So I arrived Benja´s house at 9am and got in the way like an hour after. the freeway to the port is very inclinated, so the descent was very funny and plesant, we really enjoyed it, although my speed brakes didn´t work at all I managed the situation, and you how many curves that road haves. we descended in an hour, we took some photos proving our courage, and then we strted to pedaling up, in 5 minutes we knew that we will not be able to get to city with that rithym. And is then when we started to ask for 'ride', you heard of a lot of peoplethet the salvadorians are helpful, polite, good people but in 20 minutes pick-ups passed seeing us rasing our hands asking fo a ride, but the literally don´t gave a sh#t about us. till we reaches a coconuts place and we implored for a ride to a man with the oldest and rusty pickup you can imagine to get us to Santa Tecla and finally he accepted. in the road, way back, a loose my cap because the wind force so the trip took a price. its is amazing how far you can get by your own.

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